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Great app !

Very fast and intuitive hands-on app ! Exactly the one i had been waiting for. ??

Needs more options

Please add choice of default calendar/time. Also needs some options for notes.

Absolute favourite

But recently a problem has occurred. When I add a new event it takes a few minutes, sometimes hours for it to appear in the calendar. Would love for this to be fixed because this is my favourite calendar app!!

Like it

Needs some options. Maybe to exclude the weekend.. Coloured pages, some stuff to personalize it, but I like it its simple and easy to see everything

Needs lots of work

Ok to view a daily schedule, but you cant view the month or year on this app, which makes it useless and a waste of money.


This app is horrible there are all these Chinese symbols that I cant get rid of and its all messed up :( I was really exited to try this app because laurdiy used it and said it was a good app and then it was all Chinese crap and random times

Best Agenda App ever build on the planet !!!

Very well designed based on simplicity logic. I really enjoy to use this agenda. Thanks !

Additional Idea

One of the users have good idea that I want too. Could you do us a favor? I want to add some notes to the lines without set watch. We couldnt find anywhere an agenda with this feature.

Nice interface but disappointed

Its perfect in the concept but if u want to use it without having calendar SYNC it s impossible to use it. no wat to add stuff. Calendar got things that u may don t wanna have on ut agenda ( that u may use for workwise only for instance) - Wrong Buying .-(

Funzione Cerca

you can add the search feature?

"Not Standalone App"? NO PROBLEM

I gave this app 5 stars (I just got it yesterday!), because the need for the iOS calendar app is really beside the point: I use Fantastical for day-to-day use, because its clearer, but I enter events in the iOS calendar because entry is easier (IMO). This app gives me a VERY clear and simple overview of the whole week. So: 3 apps. iOS for Entry, Fantastical for clear daily appointments, Work Agenda for an overview of my week. I used to use notes in my pocket, Post-Its, and a wall calendar. This is better. Good Job, in an important niche.

New app for my home screen

This app was immediately moved to my home screen. It isnt feature rich, but it displays information in a weekly format better than other calendar apps that I have. The app description and pictures are very reflective of what the app does.


Just bought it and Im already totally in love with it! Finally - a calendar app that looks and works like the pocket calendars we all carried and used for so long. You can finally see everything on a busy day without scrolling or changing views or whatever. Seamless integration with all your other calendars. THANK YOU for filling a big gap in the world of calendar apps!

Just starting but...

I am just getting started with this app, so not much to say to relate to it overall use at the moment. What I dont like at first glance is holidays showing up double? I try to eliminate holidays on my personal calendar period. They take up space for no reason and at first glance I think there is something on my calendar I need to take care of. I dont need help to remember when its a holiday. I just want them gone. But here they are showing up twice. Taking up two lines on the day. When I can figure out how to get rid of them, I will come back and change the rating, otherwise I will be deleting the app and using my own set up. Its that irritating to me.

Best Agenda app ever

The Best App Agenda Ever

Simple and well done

Im always on the lookout for a better calendar app. This one just does one thing really well, syncs and best of all you can make the type larger!

Love the simplicity, esp widget!

Not sure how people lost data when upgrading. Mine syncs flawlessly and instantly with Apple calendar. Have used for years. Really like the uncluttered look vs whats out there these days! Love that its a better view than Apples (which I do use). I LOVE the widget view! So nice and compressed, vs Apples space hogging Today Summary. My request - Id LOVE it if they had a tomorrow summary to replace Apples lame/unhelpful one. Also, seems like they should have a contact author link. Btw, menu prefs access is by holding just under the menu bar. Randomly found that.

Clean and Simple

Love it and it is my go to calendar.


I love this app. But all of sudden On some of my yearly dates they are a day behind. Tried to correct on my apple calendars but it is correct and still shows a date later on this app??

Getting Better All the Time, But.....

I love the apps clean interface. A few things that would be really helpful and allow this app to be rated five stars would be to allow for manual re-ordering of tasks or information, allow for checking off completed items either graying them out with strikethrough, or graying them out with checkmark, syncing across devices, and finally allow a quicker way to add multiple items at a time.

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