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Ottima agenda

Wonderful calendar app

Week Agenda gives you just what you need. It is not about unnecessary bells and whistles. It is, instead, about tracking you events. The app links to the iOS calendar and contacts. It handles map locations just as it should and URLs within event notes actually work (which is not something all calendar apps can claim). There is also a range adjustable search function. Another useful feature that many competitors do not offer. Week Agenda is recommended without reservation or hesitation.

Best layout

The best and cleanest layout for a weekly view with helpful adjustable font size and good gesture controls. I have tried numerous other calendar apps and find that this gives the most legible display that looks like real paper.

This app

Will not down load for me WHY?

Nice app

This is easy to use, I like the look, it’s as if you’re using a paper calendar book. If the day & date we’re on the icon so you can see it at a glance, it would make it a 5 star rating. Certainly that can’t be difficult for the developers to do.

Nearly perfect!

I like the app a lot. It's interface really make it easier too use and it feels like a really planner book. The only thing I want more from this app is a task list function in each day. Now, a to-do is not an event. And there are things you want to add to a day's agenda without having to specify a time to it. It's very time-consuming to set time for 20 tasks. And these tasks are not "all day events" either. So if the developer can have a to-do list in each day agenda. That'd be great!

Best calender app of all time

Nuff said

Help me please

I buy the application since October of 2017 and and now I want to see notes of earlier days appear to come to writing on my agenda since then, me nothing more in less than a month ago and the others apparently are lost an will be that they can help me in this?

Won’t open

I am going to quit using this app because it no longer opens, but merely crashes upon launch. Too bad. It was a great app. 🙁 See ya.👋🏻

I love this app.

12/14/17 - New search function is awesome. The developer of this app is the greatest. He really listens to users of his app and delivers. I expressed the interest of being able to search events back and forward and here it is. Thank you, thank you, thank you !!! You are the best ! For everyone - selecting calendars which causes the crash is IOS 11.1 known bug, not issue with the app itself. Hopefully Apple will fix it soon. I do not like the suggestion of changing the view by AriLHM. If you make those changes, please, please make sure they are optional. Regarding split Saturday and Sunday - all you have to do, is tap on one of those days and you will have a full view of both days. I love this app. Very easy to use. Not crowded with so many different buttons and tabs and functions that you can get confused and lost. Simple and elegant.Gives me the feeling, like I am using day planner book many of us are so used to use. Support is unbelievable. I had couple of questions and got my answers very fast in very professional, but very personal level. If I could I would give it 10 stars. New themes look great. So grateful that developers keep it updated and adding new features to explore. Thank you.


I like the concept of week agenda for iOS. Needs some VoiceOver screen reader Accessibility improvements for a better experience.

Used to be great...

Since the addition of the themes, the app crashes each time I attempt to change the calendar. Now I’m stuck with viewing only the calendars it showed before this update and I cannot deselect the ones I want to hide. Too bad. I’ve been using this for years and wish I could go back just one version.

Shutting down

I’ve tried to add a new calendar and it always shuts down. Is there a fix for that?

Love the layout

The layout of this calendar app is spot on. I would love to be able to add ad-hoc notes either by handwriting/pencil or typing

Tons of potential BUT !!!!

I love the app, it's easy to use( easier on iPhone IMO). I don't care for the themes BUT the app does have a need for this idea. The ONLY thing that tells you that you're on the Current week is a little grey dot on the current day, hope that makes sense. This app NEEDS the CURRENT WEEK to be differentiated from past and future weeks by something like the theme idea! There has to be more than that simple grey dot to tell you you're on the current week! I've set appointments for the future, left the app running i.e. did not close it out and then go back to look at something forget to look for that little itty-bitty dot on the current day and then accidentally schedule something for the wrong week. Being able to use the theme idea on the current week ONLY would allow the user to absolutely know 100% they are on the current week schedule!!!! This is the only reason I gave the app 2 stars, dropping it from four!

Good with a bug

Selecting calendar button to choose which calendars to display causes a crash in ios11

Don’t like the new Themes

I love this app and so was excited when I saw there were new themes Iisted in the change log. However, after updating the app, I was disheartened with the designs of the new themes I don’t feel the themes are well designed and believe they have a negative impact on usability and appreciation. They seem to obscure the content to a point where you can’t easily read the text, especially if you are colour blind or have limited vision. The default theme is perfect. I have not regard my star rating as a result of the these but I have given it 4 stats as it can improve in the area of UX. Moreover, I think additional UX work can be improved upon by making it easy to find the settings via a more intuitive UX & UI affordance. As a UX professional, I’d be more than happy to assist you in this regard. I’d like to help you make this great app in to an awesome app. Well done.

This is too complicated

Honestly all I want is to make a list of what I have to do over the weekend. Setting up an agenda on this app is way to complicated. You have to list multiple things in order to get a task down. Too tedious. Not helpful for school planning. Use another app.

Love It ! A must have.

Love it ! A must have app. Can be used vertical or horizontal. Elegant design. Very user friendly to use. Very nice & useful app when combined with the Apple calendar.

Awesome and convenient

Week Agenda Ultimate is a very awesome app. It is an excellent replacement for the standard iOS calendar. The weekly view is laid out exactly like the written desktop planner, a feature that I need that the iOS calendar does not offer. Excellent app. Definitely 5 Stars and worth the money. UPDATE: After three years my wife and I are still using Week Agenda Ultimate. With five boys under 12 we rely heavily on WAU to keep our lives organized. And WAU has never crashed. Not once! Thanks, Johan, for such an awesome, useful and dependable app!!


Recent iOS update pulled this back to life. Clean UI provides fab view of a jam-packed schedule. Does only one thing, but quite well.

Great app

Would love a month view added I use a checkmark icon before the title to check off completed tasks until a way to do this is implemented Simple clean interphase Thank you so much

Great app with potential

This app is great for viewing your schedule a week at a time. The old school agenda feel is awesome, too! This app is great and it has the potential to be the best agenda app out there. With that being said, I do feel like it is missing a few things. I am one of those people that keeps everything color-coded and very visually organized. I would love to see more color coded distinction between my various calendars and events, so that I can see things from a glance. It would also be awesome if there was more customizable features for the agenda itself (things like background, font, etc). There also needs to be a monthly view, as well as a "Today" button, so you can quickly get back to today's date quickly. All in all, I think this is a great app! And with a few tweaks , I think it will be an absolute essential to the App Store.

Love this app

Exactly what I've been searching for!! If I could change anything it would be adding the function to cross off items. Thank you!


This app is perfect ! Just something to keep in my phone so I don't forget ! . Not complicated or hard to read ! I love it !!

Didn't work for me

It lost all the data I entered. App is now deleted.

Easy, simple, love it.

I absolutely love this app. One of the best weekly planners. The only thing I wish it had with more setting options to change the viewing- like colors and fonts and little things like that. But if you like simplicity, and easy to use productivity apps, this is the one!

Evident Potential

I've looked for convenient agenda applications for a while, quickly recognizing that the market mainly contains calendar programs with similar functions that do not enhance the average user experience. Thus, when I noticed this application, I was tempted to try it, especially considering its cost (which could have been reduced to $0, although I understand the business aspect of the product). Overall, the experience has been fair - without major flaws. So, for the purpose of convenience, I've compiled a pros/cons list that potential users may find useful, and the company may consider as future updates are released. Pros: •Great, traditional look. Nothing is better than an old-fashioned agenda theme. •An overview of the entire week is visible on the screen. •Added tasks/notes are automatically added to the regular iDevice calendar app, once connected to email. Cons: •Can't cross off completed tasks. •No "today" button to easily return back to today's date after looking through the agenda. Must continuously. •Although a traditional agenda look is central, a monthly calendar overview is missing. •Although more than one calendar may be added, the agenda book hosts all of them. Would be great to create more than one agenda book for different tasks. Cannot wait to provide an extra star once the aforementioned changes are addressed. Overall, great potential.

Nice App!!

Nice app! Please add an event countdown feature showing days/min/seconds that can be accessible from the today screen thanks!


I love it and I use it for school work and social life. Very neat and nicely organized. I recommend a way to customize it and a way to mark things that are done because every time I look I have to look for the things I still have to do through my whole list.


Didn't like it. No options to customize the layout, like background etc. Deleted after initial download...

A sixth star if ...

This is a simple and easy-to-read agenda with a clean weekly view and user friendly format. It would be nice to include the OPTION to incorporate iOS reminders and also to scroll within a day if the events exceed the space provided. Everything else is perfect!


Not sure what happened, but in the last few days this app has been messing up and won't show my events, and shows birthdays on the incorrect date (even though it's all in my iPhone calendar and the birthdays are shown correctly in there). Please fix! I love this app and use it ALL the time!


This is exactly what I've been looking for. The interface is simple. It's like looking at a book when you open it up. Nothing fancy about it - pretty straight forward. Thank you for creating this app.

Love this app

I love this app it helps me remember what I have to do

Getting Better All the Time, But.....

I love the app's clean interface. A few things that would be really helpful and allow this app to be rated five stars would be to allow for manual re-ordering of tasks or information, allow for checking off completed items either graying them out with strikethrough, or graying them out with checkmark, syncing across devices, and finally allow a quicker way to add multiple items at a time.


I love this app. But all of sudden On some of my yearly dates they are a day behind. Tried to correct on my apple calendars but it is correct and still shows a date later on this app??

Clean and Simple

Love it and it is my go to calendar.

Love the simplicity, esp widget!

Not sure how people lost data when upgrading. Mine syncs flawlessly and instantly with Apple calendar. Have used for years. Really like the uncluttered look vs what's out there these days! Love that it's a better view than Apple's (which I do use). I LOVE the widget view! So nice and compressed, vs Apple's space hogging Today Summary. My request - I'd LOVE it if they had a tomorrow summary to replace Apple's lame/unhelpful one. Also, seems like they should have a contact author link. Btw, menu prefs access is by holding just under the menu bar. Randomly found that.

Simple and well done

I'm always on the lookout for a better calendar app. This one just does one thing really well, syncs and best of all you can make the type larger!

Best Agenda app ever

The Best App Agenda Ever

Just starting but...

I am just getting started with this app, so not much to say to relate to it overall use at the moment. What I don't like at first glance is holidays showing up double? I try to eliminate holidays on my personal calendar period. They take up space for no reason and at first glance I think there is something on my calendar I need to take care of. I don't need help to remember when it's a holiday. I just want them gone. But here they are showing up twice. Taking up two lines on the day. When I can figure out how to get rid of them, I will come back and change the rating, otherwise I will be deleting the app and using my own set up. It's that irritating to me.


Just bought it and I'm already totally in love with it! Finally - a calendar app that looks and works like the pocket calendars we all carried and used for so long. You can finally see everything on a busy day without scrolling or changing views or whatever. Seamless integration with all your other calendars. THANK YOU for filling a big gap in the world of calendar apps!

New app for my home screen

This app was immediately moved to my home screen. It isn't feature rich, but it displays information in a weekly format better than other calendar apps that I have. The app description and pictures are very reflective of what the app does.

Great app, great principles

Not only I love the app, but I also loved the fact that you stood up to protect your customers, even if it meant cutting off one of your features (the calendar store). This is the kind of things that makes me comfortable using an app and trusting you with my data. Great job!

Muy mala. Un robo.

Esta app es malísima, no tiene opciones, es muy simple y poco sofisticada, y encima cuano pones el modo apaisado la barra de estado crashea. Un pérdida de dinero.

Cross out option

I like the simplicity and clean look of this app. It's also one of the few apps that give this kind of a week view, which is what I want. However, I would really like this app if I could cross out a finished task, it makes me feel I'm accomplishing something. It would also be nice to drag and drop tasks or events to another day.

No known way to refresh.

When you make a change on one of your Google calendar's or iOS calendar it doesn't reflect in the week agenda. When you try to get it to refresh there's no way to do it because there's no preference menu that I can find. There also is no help menu to figure out how to fix this thing. Basically they made this thing so simple that it doesn't work. Other than that it's OK so I gave it one star. If y'all fix this thing then I will give you more stars if you contact me. Remember first rule of GUI: always include a menu button somewhere so you can troubleshoot an application.


Exactly what I was looking for, but it keeps setting an alarm for all of my events, which I dislike, because when I go to edit them, 6/10 times it'll close the app. 😩

Pretty good, but could be better

Nice & simple week view. Request option to select the color code of the dots/event will make it easier to quickly ID what type of Event it is.

Would love to love....

Is it me? Works great on phone. Assumed it was universal because it started to load on my iPad Air 2. It won't load. I can't delete it. It just sits there saying "waiting". This is not typical. If it's not universal I should be able to to delete. Anyone help? If I can delete and re download. I'll give it 5 stars.

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